Environ Treatments

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Environ Skin for Lifetime

Environ For Life
The real beauty of Environ is that you do not need to alter the original regime you began with, except to add specific intensive products as and when needed. The concept of replacing lost vitamins in the skin is always adhered to. The skin does not change the way it works merely because a person ages. This means that regimes are similar for all, except that at different ages the levels of vitamins and certain intensive products will be utilised for specific concerns. Environ's philosophy is to maintain a beautiful skin for a life time, no matter what your age, skin tone or gender may be.

We all age from birth onwards and our skin follows the same pattern. Thankfully there is a great deal one can do to maintain the appearance of a beautiful skin.

According to Dr. Desmond Fernandes, starting at a very early age and learning to maintain and nurture one of the greatest assets every person has, makes perfect scientific sense. Choosing the correct skin care routine for your age is crucial to maintaining beautiful skin throughout your life and well into your mature years

Environ in Salon Treatments:
Environ Deep Cleanse

  • Treatment to cleanse, extract and purify the skin.
  • Improves problematic and acne skin.
  • Electrical equipment is used to promote healing, prevent scarring and desensitise skin.

Environ Vitamin C Facial

  • Anti aging re conditioning cathioderm facial.
  • Current is used to improve the penetration the Vit. C resulting in a longer lasting effect on the skin.

Environ Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel - Only available in winter months

  • AHA Peel which effectively treats:
  • Problematic skin.
  • Acne and acne scarring.