RegimA Case Study

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RégimA case study conducted by Cheryl Langley using the home care range and peel treatments.

Regima Case Study

Three 'Acne Attack Peels' were preformed on the client spaced 3 weeks apart.
Images were taken before(above) and after(below) the treatments and the results are clearly evident.

The following were used as her home care products:

  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Equilibrium Serum
  • Optimum Essentials Day Balm (as day moisturiser)
  • Night Renewal Ultimate Booster

Acne/Problem Skin
A main cause of acne is the peaking of testosterone in the skin, in males and females, causing hormonal breakouts. Certain plants used within RégimA help normalize testosterone levels within the skin (does not affect hormone levels within the body), as well as stabilizing oil secretions. Inflammation is also a major problem with active acne, causing redness and swelling of inflamed tissues. Anti-inflammatories within topical products are therefore extremely important when choosing the correct treatment for this condition. There is always the risk of infection with staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria. Products should therefore be more acidic (low pH) to help externally control an acneform skin by destroying most skin bacteria which are a main cause of inflammation and cross infection.

Many active ingredients known for their acne combating properties are used to help clear blackheads, refine the pores and have a levelling effect on acne scarring. Formulations using natural anti-inflammatories help calm reddened, inflamed, sore skins and help control breakouts e.g. Scar Repair, Quantum Elastin, Post Acne Peel Gel, Amino Actives Problem Skin Therapy, Anti-Acne Cream, Equilibrium Anti-Problem Skin Serum etc.

If one suffers from excessive oil production one may use our B-Complex Daily Radiance containing a seborrhoeic controller, formulated to help repair and nourish with the added bonus of SPF 30, or Optimum Essentials, supplying a non-greasy day treatment with SPF 15.

It is essential to start off the day and night routine by cleansing with RégimA Cleansing & Toning Gel, clearing and tightening the pores. Plants add a natural skin toning effect, so no extra toner is required.

"ACNE ATTACK PEEL & HEAL" treatments help quickly improve and control acne breakouts. These treatments are carried out by a skin care professional. Ideally these should be followed by twice daily application of Post Acne Peel Gel and, if there is residual scarring, Scar Repair over the top.

Old acne scarring can be treated successfully with RégimA Treatments.